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 File Recognizer

What is File Recognizer?
File Recognizer is an application for Macintosh that Fix TYPE and CREATOR attributes according to file format, it's specially designed for transfer files from PC to MAC.
You can download it here.

See the history page for changes since Version 1.0.

Downloading and Installing File Recognizer
The current version is 1.6b. Use the following procedure to download and install File Recognizer:

1- Download the frecognizer.zip.
2- Double-click the compressed file, you need Stuffit Expander for decoding and decompresing the file.

Using File Recognizer
You can find instructions for using File Recognizer here. See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have trouble starting or running the program

Registering File Recognizer
File Recognizer is shareware, has a fee of U$S 15. Trial version is fully funtional but shows a nag screen. If you like this application please support shareware and register File Recognizer (Registered version has no nag screens).

You can register here.

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