• WebVideo: New 1.7 version. You can choose to assign different file names .This shareware allows you to take a snapshot of the video input of the Mac at a preset time interval. For example, you can use this photo on a web page. Press here to download or here for the documentation. If you don't have system 8.6 and don't need the ftp option, you can download a version for system 8.5 here.

  • Web Video for Mac OS X: You can test the application for OS X. Press here to download

    Version History:

  • 1.7: Optional assign different file names.
  • 1.6: You can choose where to write the date and time.
  • 1.5: The dialog auto timeout's when it shows errors.
  • 1.4: Shows how many seconds left to take the picture.
  • 1.3: Window Size configuration.
  • 1.2: Bit depth configuration.
  • 1.1: Now you can upload the picture to a ftp server (needs Mac OS 8.6).
  • 1.0: Release version.

To register the program pay online at Kagi