HPop 1.0 by Roberto Hirsch


HPop is a pop checker with filter actions. You can add multiple accounts and apply filters to each mail. For example, the mails can be stored in a file to process later, like adding emails to a database.HPop has a shareware price of $10.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1

Account configuration:

From the file menu you can add new accounts:


First, give a Name to your account configuration and complete all the information. If you want to keep the account disabled (not checking), uncheck the Mail account enable box.

With the Tasks... button, you can add tasks to do with your incoming mail.

Also, from the Account menu, you can edit all your accounts. Remember to push Apply button to save changes made to the selected account.

On the Task List window, you manage all the filters of one account. Also you can change the order of the filters.

A Task, or Filter, configuration window has three configuration panels. In the General panel you give a Task Name, and set the preconditions to execute the filter.

The Delete mail after process option, of course, deletes the mail from the server.

With the Saving option panel, the mails can be stored to process later. For example, add emails to a database.

- Save mail information to file: Saves mail fields to a file, separating each field with a special character.

- Append complete mail to file: Appends complete mail to a file. Note that this option downloads the entire message.

- Save each mail in separate file: Saves each mail with a unique filename in a folder. You can use UILD, date and time, or the number of milliseconds for filename.

The Forward option panel allows Forward mail to. For each task, you must configure the destination Email, SMTP server, user and password for this smtp server.

Also you can specify the From field of the message (Use messages From field) if you need one for a SMTP server that does not relay.

Using the program:

The Pop3 Accounts window shows all the accounts. You can see the status, how many mails are in the account and the last time you checked it.

If you double click an account, it opens a new window (pop account mails) with all the mails of this account (next picture).

Here appears the mail list. From this window, you can View or Delete a mail.

The mail window shows the complete mail. You can close this window without waiting to finish download it.







HPop has a shareware price of $10. Paying for HPop is fairly simple. Kagi handles my payment processing. Go to http://order.kagi.com/?UCS to buy online.

©2002 Roberto Hirsch


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