HSoftware develops MacOS 9 - MacOS X applications and FirstClass Gateway programs,
as well as custom Java applications, servlets and applets. Now, with windows development by XSoft.

HAlarmX : Alarm monitor for tcp/ip, disk and system issues. You can add multiple alarms with mail alerts, scheduling options and commands to do when the alarm activates. New version 1.5. For Mac OS X 10.3
FreeSpace : Free disk space checker. Warn iif available space is below than some limit. For Windows 9.X and XP.

HPop : Pop mail checker with filter actions for Mac OS X Jaguar
Web Video : Takes a snapshot of the video input at preset time intervals, for use in web pages.
Watch Gate: Watches folders for new files and sends them to a FirstClass Server.
Download Gate : Allows FirstClass users to download files from Internet at a specified time.
Html Clean :FirstClass gateway for cleaning HTML code in a message.
Ping Alarm : FirstClass gateway that sends an alarm when a machine is down.

App Alarm: FirstClass gateway that sends an alarm when an application is down.

Web to FirstClass: CGI that sends a mail from a web pageform to a FirstClass Server.
Clipboard Count: Counts the number of characters in the clipboard. Mac OS 8, 9.

To register the programs pay online at Kagi